Tariq Yahya: The arbitration cannot be described as a “peg.”


Tariq Yahya, a former Zamalek player, confirmed that arbitration cannot be described as a “pile”, indicating that he dreams of taking over the coaching of the White Castle Club for a long time.

Tariq Yahya said in statements to the program “I acknowledge and confess” via “On Time Sports 1”: “I was talking with the previous administration, but not in public, and I did not work” Antar “on the current administration. And the decision that Tariq Yahya will not enter the club again, Tariq Yahya, another day. ”

He added: “In my life, I have never asked any board of directors to be the coach of Zamalek club, and I naturally dream of being the coach of the team for a long time.”

He continued: “There may be successes and failures in all previous and subsequent councils in Zamalek, but what is important is that you have a strong team, and the results achieved by this team are not commensurate with its value.”

Tariq Yahya continued: “I did not flatter any of the players in my coaching career, but the only time I saw that a player needed to start the match was Osama Hosni when he moved to the clearing from Al-Ahly, and I saw that he should play the match and I was given the captaincy to honor him.”

He continued: “I was objecting to Amir Mortada assuming his position in the club at first, but then I was convinced of his work and his success with the team.”

And on the decision to return Carteron: “I do not think that Zamalek was wrong to bring Carteron back to the leadership of the team again, because to the best of my knowledge that Pacheco was a difficult story for him about his continuation in Zamalek, and there were reservations about the performance, changes, formation and control of the players.”

Tariq Yahya concluded: “We do not want to talk much about the role of arbitration for Zamalek, and we cannot describe it as a” peg, “because we must focus on playing and winning, but arbitration sometimes played its role against the team.


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