Tel Aviv was hit with 200 rockets, killing 8 Israelis


The headlines of the Hebrew newspapers this morning, Saturday, the mutual Israeli bombing with Gaza strip The Palestinian factions launched 200 rockets at Tel Aviv during the past 12 hours, while 8 Israelis were killed in the recent events.

و .علن occupation army Eight Israelis were killed in the recent events, including a soldier who was patrolling the Gaza border, and 6 Israeli civilians, including two children.

The occupation army confirmed that the Palestinian factions in Gaza fired 200 rockets from the Strip towards their lands within 12 hours.

Avichai Adrai, the IDF spokesman, said that 30 of these rockets landed inside the Gaza Strip without being able to reach Israeli territory.

He added that the Iron Dome system intercepted 100 of the remaining missiles, and Adraei did not specify in his statement the location of the remaining 70 missiles.

But warning sirens sounded during the night hours in the cities of Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

The Israeli army indicated that more than two thousand rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel since the start of the latest escalation, about half of which were intercepted by the missile defense system, and 350 fell inside the Gaza Strip.

Since May 8, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has witnessed a continuous sharp escalation that began with the outbreak of clashes in the Al-Haram Al-Sharif area and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, as Israel implements measures to expel Palestinian families from their homes.

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