Telegram ‘calls’ ignites the market for instant messaging applications


Supports Telegram service Indeed, individual video calls, as well as group voice calls, are the same features that are available in most instant messaging services, but the new feature provides users with the advantage of making group video calls.

Regarding the goal behind the new feature, social media expert Ahmed Bassiouni told Sky News Arabia, “By launching the new feature, Telegram wanted to achieve a comparative advantage over the rest Instant messaging applications And on top of them is WhatsApp, to attract more users, and then maximize profits, which is the goal of all technological applications. “

For his part, digital media and e-marketing consultant Muhammad Al-Harithi believes that the reason for Telegram’s launch of the conference video call feature is “to keep pace with the changing future of social communication after Corona pandemicCiting the example of the great success achieved by Club House after the outbreak of the global crisis.

“Chat rooms are the future,” Al-Harithi told Sky News Arabia Social media For its ability to bring people closer to each other in light of the divergence imposed by technological progress and the current global circumstances, “it is expected that the future of meetings and conferences will be within those rooms.

Telegram promises to add a touch of privacy the app is popular with Group video callsAs the calls will be fully encrypted and with the highest possible performance, to maintain the privacy of users’ data.

On privacy, Bassiouni said, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that “Telegram pays special attention to the issue of preserving the privacy of users, which is its biggest bet with its users and the most characteristic of the application for them. And he wanted to exploit the criticism directed at WhatsApp and the parent company Facebook regarding its exposure to the hack. In recent months in favor of attracting more WhatsApp users. “

While Al-Harithi believes, “All applications are vulnerable to cyber penetration,” and he also believes that “Telegram is not more secure than WhatsApp as it is believed,” and his justification is that “WhatsApp is the most used, the most famous in the world, and therefore it is the most vulnerable to penetration.”

The new feature provides features such as noise cancellation, screen sharing, as well as support for call playback with Mobile and computer And tablets through a web browser, as there will be no need for downloads or app downloads to access these conversations, according to what was posted by Service Manager Pavel Derov on his official Telegram account.

Al-Harthi, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, expects that the new feature will contribute to an increase in the number of Telegram users, but despite that, he believes that “it remains among the applications used by specific groups, which are the categories that search for unlicensed visual content, unlike.” واتساب Which spreads between all groups and circles. “

Bassiouni believes, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that Telegram is unable to remove WhatsApp from the throne of most applications. Instant Messaging In general use, given the continuous growth of Facebook and its possession of the technological and physical infrastructure necessary to secure its lead, but at the same time it believes that it is able to compete, as long as it continues to issue new features that keep pace with technological development and the fierce competition between these applications.

While Al-Harithi expects that Telegram will provide “secret or closed rooms” in the future, which do not allow everyone to join them, unlike Club House, which enables its users to request joining any chat, which, in his opinion, may be an underlying danger.


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