Telegram competes fiercely with IM applications with group video calls


Market witness Instant messaging applications To fierce competition with the aim of winning over a lot of users and then maximizing profits, Telegram announced its intention to launch the conference video call feature next month, so that the race ignites more and more.

After the Corona pandemic, the chat rooms, whether video or audio, are the future of social media to bring people closer to each other within the framework of the separation imposed by technological progress and the current situation. ”It is expected that the future of conferences and meetings will be within these electronic rooms.

Protecting users’ data

Add a touch of privacy to group video calls, explaining that the calls will be at the highest possible performance and fully encrypted, in order to protect users’ data

All applications are vulnerable to cyber penetration, “WhatsApp is the most famous and most widely used internationally, and therefore it is the most vulnerable to hacking.

Increase the number of users

The new feature is expected to contribute to an increase in the number of Telegram users, but applications continue to be used by specific groups looking for unlicensed visual content, unlike WhatsApp, which is spread among all circles and groups. Telegram is expected to offer “secret or closed rooms” in The future, which does not allow everyone to join, unlike Club House, for example, which helps its users to request joining any chat, which in his opinion contains danger.

Telegram strength over the competition

It is believed that Telegram is unable to displace WhatsApp from the throne of the most used instant messaging applications, as a result of the continuous growth of the parent company Facebook and its possession of the technological and physical infrastructure necessary in order to secure its lead, but at the same time he believes that Telegram is able to compete with the WhatsApp application And other applications, as long as it continues to develop new features that keep pace with technological progress.


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