The accused and the avocato … discover his inability to conceive by accident, in the manner of the movie “Secret Session”


During a new episode of “Your Right to the Law” series, we will talk about an incident that occurred in 2012, after an employee discovered that his wife was not a virgin after the wedding, while the wife filed an alimony lawsuit and confirmed her pregnancy from her husband. The husband has a birth defect that prevents him from having children.

At first, Dr. Ahmed Saad, the lawyer of cassation, says that the incident that we will talk about occurred in 2012, after a wife who works as a school teacher filed an alimony claim and said in the lawsuit that she married an employee with a legal contract and that she was pregnant from that legal relationship, while her husband confirmed that he discovered She is not a virgin, and on the second day of marriage he met with his wife’s family and they refused the solutions, and the bride denied in front of her family what she told the husband after the wedding day, and problems occurred, and the wife left the marital home and went to her family’s house.

He continued: The husband told me that after a while his wife called him and told him that they wanted to solve this dispute, and he asked her to go to one of the gynecologists to see a solution to the problem, and the doctor they went to confirmed that the wife was not a virgin and that the hymen was removed a few months before the marriage.

He continued: During the hearing of the case in the Zananari Court, the husband narrated the whole incident, and the wife denied and the court heard the statements of the doctor who signed the medical examination of the wife and confirmed that the wife is not a virgin at the time of marriage.

He mentioned: The court ordered the husband and wife to be referred to forensic medicine to indicate whether the husband was the one who had intercourse with the wife or not and the husband was pregnant or not, and the surprise appeared that the husband had a congenital defect with which he could not conceive and it was proved that the husband could not conceive, and the case was rejected for the wife. Sessions were held with the parties, and the divorce was completed.

In our daily lives there are situations that remain in memory, perhaps due to their strangeness or their ambitiousness, and the lawyers are among the people whom many stand up and strange stories encounter in the corridors of the courts of the accused and their clients in cases of felony and misdemeanor. Some lawyers hear cases.


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