The anniversary of the death of Wael Nour, “Captain Lotfy”, today


Today, Sunday, the anniversary of the death of the late artist Wael Nour, who left our world on this day, May 2, 2016, after suffering a heart attack.

The artist Wael Nour had a distinguished look with all his roles, whether in the cinema or on television, and was discovered by the director Ahmed Fouad, who presented him in many works at the time, and then the artist Farid Shawky adopted him artistically, and presented with him the series “Curkel and I” and “Saber Ya Uncle Saber”, and a movie “Employees on the ground.”

Artist Wael Nour, born on the twenty-fourth of April 1961, obtained a diploma from the Secretarial Institute, after which he joined the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, and he loved art from a young age.

And he presented works that are still immortal until now, including: “Money and children, mountain wolves, tears in the bosom of the mountain, the Zalat market, the Masrawy, the dream of Ibn al-Sabil, the face of the moon, and the neighborhood of al-Tablawi”, where he excelled in the role of the wretched boy, but his true stardom had arisen in the form of Strong through the series “Curkel and I”, which appeared in the role of the son of the great star Farid Shawky. He also participated in the presentation of “Fawazeer Al-Hana” in 1997 and also presented a variety of roles between evil, good and romantic. The last work in which he participated was the series “Apartment Faisal”, with Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Rico and directed by Sherine Adel.

As for his personal life, the artist Wael Nour married only twice in his life, the first was the artist Amira Al-Aidi, with whom he had Sara and Youssef, but they separated after a marriage that lasted 7 years, and he married the second time to “Ghada Mohamed” and he also had a son and a daughter from her, and he became a father For a third child nine days after his death.


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