The arbitration expert for the Zamalek channel is causing the madness of El-Ghandour


Yasser Abdel Raouf, the arbitration expert, confirmed to Zamalek TV that the penalty kick that Jihad Greisha counted for Zamalek in front of Pyramids was incorrect.

Yasser Abdul Raouf explained that the hand touch is not intentional according to the standards, and the body of clearing guns has not been enlarged, and it is not correct at all.

Khaled Al-Ghandour tried to dissuade Yasser Abdel Raouf from asserting that there was no penalty kick in favor of Zamalek, which prompted Yasser Abdel Raouf to confirm once again that the penalty kick was incorrect.

Yasser Abdel Raouf tried to grant Zamalek the right to one of the balls, as he confirmed that Hamid Haddad deserved a penalty kick in the first half of the match and that the referee did not fully account for lost time.

It is noteworthy that Jihad Greisha refused to expel Tariq Hamed after receiving a warning in the first half and overlooked his second warning in the second half of the match.


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