The arrival of the Indian Corona strain to Arab countries


11:55 AM

Sunday 02 May 2021


The newly discovered Indian strain of Corona virus continues to spread in the world, as new infections were recorded in the Arab region in conjunction with the restrictions imposed by different countries of the world on those coming from India.

And the Jordanian Minister of Health, Firas Al-Hawari, announced, at dawn on Sunday, that his country had recorded three cases of the Indian mutated from the emerging corona virus, “for people who did not travel.”

In statements to the official Al-Mamlaka channel, the minister said that “three cases of the Indian mutant (of Corona virus) were recorded in Jordan for people who did not travel” outside the country.

He explained that “those infected with the Indian strain are in good health.”

Al-Hawari said that “two cases were recorded in Amman and one in Zarqa (23 km northeast of the capital) for people who did not travel, which confirms that the emergence of mutated cases is not necessarily from abroad, but rather as a result of specific reproduction.

It is believed that the Indian mutant of the Corona virus, which has been detected so far in at least 17 countries, including France, the United Kingdom and Germany, is the most contagious and may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines, but matters are still unclear.

And Jordan decided, last Sunday, to stop flights with India.

Other countries have imposed restrictions on travelers from India. In France, they are subject to a mandatory ten-day quarantine after their arrival, while Belgium decided, on Tuesday, to prevent them from entering.

Iraq was the first Arab country to announce its suspicion of detecting infections with the mutated Indian strain of the emerging corona virus on its soil.

On Thursday, the Iraqi authorities announced that 21 people have been placed in quarantine on suspicion of being infected with the Indian strain of Corona, and they are relatives of a suspected case who recently returned from India.

A number of Arab countries announced, recently, that they will stop receiving travelers from India, in anticipation of the spread of the Indian strain of the deadly virus on their soil.

Countries that imposed restrictions on entry to those coming from India included Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Sudan, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

And some countries imposed unprecedented measures on those coming to their lands from India, which reached the point of applying prison sentences and fines.

Australia has made coming to its soil from India illegal, and has signaled a five-year prison sentence and a $ 66,600 fine.

According to the Emergency Law, which is based on the Biosecurity Act, anyone who has been in India in the past 14 days will be charged with a crime if he comes to Australia.

The United States also decided to impose restrictions on travelers from India, as of May 4, but it did not disclose more details of the matter.

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