The author of “Qasr al-Nil”: Dina El-Sherbiny is one of the most talented actresses of her generation | Video


Author Muhammad Suleiman Abdel Malik talked about his series “Qasr El Nil”, explaining that he never thought of presenting it in only 15 episodes, as happened in a number of Ramadan series this year, because from the beginning it is based on many personalities and details and not only the mystery and the crime of murder.

Regarding his cooperation for the second time with the actress Dina El-Sherbiny after their series “Malika”, he said during a telephone conversation with the “Ramadan Stars, Close You” program, presented by Engi Ali on Radio Stars FM, that Dina is for him one of the most talented actresses of her generation and always tells her that she has not come All her acting abilities yet.

He added that the series “Qasr El Nil” was an attempt to present a new dramatic role, a multi-feature “Camelia” character, and we discover something new about her every day, and the audience feels bewildered as to whether he loves her or hates her, indicating that she has excelled in presenting the character.

He explained that he showed the series to Dina after Ramadan 2020, and he called her and told her the idea of ​​the series, and she was very enthusiastic about her.


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