“The bride Talat is a man” … the husband’s shock on the wedding night


The husband stands in a state of daze, and despite this state, he is shouting in the courtroom in front of the judge demanding an immediate divorce and the nullity of the contract from his wife.

The details of the story come back when the employee “A” of one of the Tanta companies in the Gharbia governorate got acquainted with Jamila al-Jamilat in one of the neighboring companies, the employee “M”, and after several interviews and falling in love with the two of them, they decided to join

The engagement took place and lasted for several years, and the most beautiful years of the lover, Al-Wahhan, and during the engagement period they took foundations for the marital nest and the engagement lasted 3 years, and the date of the wedding was set and it was one of the most beautiful nights of life until they arrived at their home. »To her father’s house.

The unhappy husband filed a lawsuit with the Gharbia court against the father on the accusation of forgery, demanding the annulment of the marriage contract, confirming that after that he learned that his “man” wife had undergone the process of sexual transformation at the age of thirteen, and she did not disclose this secret because of her love for him.

He added that her family seized the movables and did not object to divorce, but the groom insisted on the request to nullify the contract.


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