The British government does not condemn the actions of the Manchester fans after the storming of “Old Trafford”


British Secretary of State James Cleverley said on Monday, “We cannot condemn the images that we saw of the crowd storming Old Trafford.”

This came in a statement by the minister to “Sky News”, commenting on the actions of Manchester United fans who stormed “Old Trafford” to protest against the club’s owners, which led to the postponement of the Liverpool confrontation.

The minister justified his position by saying: “We need to understand the frustration of the fans, not just the Manchester United fans, but many clubs.”

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The Liverpool match was delayed due to the Manchester United fans storming the stadium

The English Premier League Football League announced the postponement of the Manchester United match and its guest, Liverpool, which was scheduled for Sunday, as part of the 34th round of the league.

The confrontation between the two teams would take place in front of empty stands due to the restrictions of Covid-19, but this did not prevent the launch of chaotic scenes inside and outside the stadium, which led to the injury of an officer with a bottle, according to a statement by the Greater Manchester Police.

There are no indications of the new match date until the moment, and United, the runners-up, needed to win to deny Manchester City the coronation, on Sunday.

The protests of United fans, who chanted for the departure of the “Glazer” family, which owns the club, came because of the participation in the establishment of the “European Super League” championship project with 11 major European clubs, before this project collapsed within days after widespread protests and opposition.

According to the English “Mirror” newspaper, the rules of the English Football Association and the English Premier League League are different in assessing the status of the Manchester United and Liverpool meeting, between awarding points to the Liverpool team and postponing the meeting.

According to the rules of the English Football Association, the hosting team is responsible for the security and conduct of the meeting, and in the event of an irresponsible act by him or his fans, the meeting points are awarded to the visiting team, which means Liverpool wins the three points.

While the Premier League rules give priority to holding the match at a later date if the decision not to take place is by the referee, the security forces, or by a government agency, and with the written approval of the Premier League Board of Directors.

On Sunday, both English clubs issued a statement announcing their agreement to the decision to postpone the match to a later time.

Source: “Agencies”


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