“The building was empty” .. The prosecution reveals the details of the Marmina Church fire in Omraneya (video and photos)


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Today, Friday, the Talbiya and Umraniyya Prosecution Office, south of Giza, requested the security services’ investigations to uncover the circumstances of the fire that broke out in the Marmina Church building in Omraneya this evening.

In addition, the Public Prosecution office, under the supervision of Counselor Yahya Al-Zaraa, the Attorney General, ordered the recruitment of forensic experts to conduct the necessary inspections, and determine the beginning and end of the fire and the tools used to cause it.

The investigations reported that the fire broke out in the church after performing the “Good Friday” prayers, and the building was empty of worshipers.

According to eyewitnesses, the worshipers left the church before the outbreak of the fire, indicating that there were no casualties or injuries.

The city protection forces, who had pushed 8 cars, took control of the fire.

Marmina Church fire in Umraniye
Omrania Church fire
Marmina Church fire in Umraniye
Marmina Church fire in Umraniye
Marmina Church fire in Umraniye

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