The case of “a check without balance” … Ashraf Al-Saad was disbursed from the prosecution


12:42 PM

Thursday 06 May 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

Today, Thursday, the Al-Nuzha Prosecution office ordered the dismissal of the Egyptian businessman, Ashraf Al-Saad, after his return to Egypt after an absence of more than 25 years, since his departure and residence in London due to the expiration of the period.

A judgment was issued against “Al-Saad” in the case of a check without balance, and it was forfeited by statute of limitations.

Ashraf Al-Saad posted a picture of him on a plane on his personal page on the social networking site “Twitter” and commented, “After more than a quarter of a century, the absence of my country, Egypt, was the absence of my body only, and my soul remained in Egypt after all these years.
Mohamed Ashraf El-Sayed Ali Saad, famous for Ashraf El-Saad, was born on January 1, 1954, and he is an Egyptian businessman residing in London. His property was guarded for more than 15 years, and in 2007 the Court of Trustees decided to end the custody of his properties. Al-Saad paid all the debts owed on the company by individuals, companies and banks. However, the Socialist Public Prosecutor at that time appealed the court’s decision.

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