The case of embezzlement .. Zamalek submits a report to the prosecution against the Football Association


The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association had decided to reject the appeal submitted regarding five players, not including Imam Ashour, and which Disciplinary Committee officials confirmed that no appeal had been submitted to the player.

The details of the incident

In one of the 1999 League matches, a player Zamalek Imam Ashour accompanied his teammates by insulting Al-Ahly Club and some of its “legends”, according to what appeared in one of the leaked videos on social media.

And manage Alahli football club By submitting a complaint against these players, headed by Imam Ashour, to the Football Association, and the complaint was supported by more than one video that reveals the white club’s players bypassing the red giant.

The Football Association announced at the time that it had received the Zamalek club’s request to appeal, which would stop the implementation of the decision until it was considered. It is mentioned that the Appeals Committee has the right to approve, amend or cancel the penalty.

Things were proceeding normally up until that point, but what happened next, is what caused the wrath of the White Castle management.

For his part, the media spokesperson for Zamalek Club, Amr Al-Dardir, said: “After suspending the young players of Zamalek, we contacted the Football Association to find out the legal way to appeal and appeal the decision in accordance with the rules of the Federation, but we were told that we need to file an appeal for Imam Ashour alone separately from The rest of the players, since he was subjected to a different punishment for them.

Al-Dardir added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Since he was subjected to a different punishment than them, and the Football Association told us at the time that we would not be able to involve the player in any meeting until the committee’s appeal committee was heard, we would be surprised after that by the statements of the head of the Appeals Committee, during which he clarified that Zamalek did not submit an appeal On the decision to punish Ashour from the ground up. “

Al-Dardir also clarifies that there is no justification for what is happening with Zamalek, and the media spokesperson for the white team has published documents proving the club management’s appeal against the Football Association’s decision regarding penalties for its young players.

The crisis continues

The White Club’s complaint to the Public Prosecution comes less than 24 hours after it lodged complaints against the Egyptian Football, Basketball and Hand Federations, to the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

And Zamalek demanded, through an official statement, to investigate various facts, while preserving the right of asylum to any other party to obtain the right of the club without compromise.

Among the facts that the club demanded to investigate was failure to comply with the regulations regarding the Born in 1999 Football League championship, according to which “Zamalek had to be considered winning the championship, while another club (Al-Ahly) was unjustly satisfied,” according to the statement.

As well as “the penalty imposed on the player Imam Ashour and the claim that no appeal was lodged against the penalty, which confirms the direction of the committee running the Football Association towards a particular club, and the suspicious position of trying to hide the grievance presented by the club.”

Zamalek explained, “He will not contest any meeting in the three games before the requests of the white club are answered.”


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