The Chinese missile afflicts the world with anxiety … out of control … and threatening the earth to fall within days … Full details


The world awaits the fate of the missing Chinese missile, which was announced China It was out of control to threaten the Earth at any time, and the missile tops the search engines on Google.

International reports, which dealt with the file in detail during the past hours, to provide more information that may be reassuring in light of the anxiety that dominates the world.

The beginning of the Chinese missile crisis

The beginning came with the announcement of the Chinese missile being out of control, with expectations of a fall Missile body Huge represents the main platform for the “Long March 5B” missile, launched by China, last Thursday, in any inhabited area during the coming period, but the time has not been determined.

The Chinese space agency lost control of the central floor of the last missile it launched, which means that it will fall and crash in an area between New Zealand and the US state of New York.

21 tons

The Chinese missile, according to Space News, weighs 21 tons, is 100 feet long, and is 16 feet wide. The missile body is expected to return to Earth sometime within the next few days, according to journalist Andrew Jones, who covers the space program. Chinese, for the site «Space News».

For his part, the “American Vice” site said that although the process Rocket launch “Long March 5B” to put the first unit of the new Chinese space station into orbit. It went well in the beginning. It later turned out that the rest of the operations were more complicated. In fact, the unit that the central floor of the missile, called CZ-5B, carried in orbit as well. .

The secret of the danger of the Chinese missile

Usually, such matters do not represent any crisis, especially since these elements are equipped with engines capable of performing maneuvers over uninhabited areas, but this is not the case with the Chinese missile component, so the danger of its dangerous fall on the ground is very real, given that That an accident of the same kind occurred not long ago.

“The launches left the central part in orbit and began an uncontrolled return to Earth, weighing more than 20 tons,” said Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for American Astrophysics. For 30 years, the common practice of the rest of the world capable of invading space was not to leave objects of this size in orbit without disarming a controlled orbit.

The possibility of burning the Chinese missile

There is also a high possibility that the missile will be completely burnt upon entering it Atmosphere Once again, just as its remnants are likely to end up in the ocean, this does not negate the possibility of a fall in populated areas.

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