The Clubhouse app is arriving for Android soon


The clubhouse developer has begun testing the application version of the Android system in the form of a beta version. This comes a month after clubhouse co-founder and CEO Paul Davison confirmed that the company plans to launch an Android application for users in May.

The company revealed in its blog post that it has started offering a rough trial version of its Android app to a small number of testers, with plans to “welcome more Android users .. in the coming weeks,” and was Clubhouse, an invitation-only application that provides rooms Voice chat, the talk of the town for a while now, and many of the big players in the social media space are already working or posting similar jobs on their portals.

As of now, there are no details on how Android users would register to be a beta tester of the app or by when the Android Clubhouse app was publicly released, however, it seems that the demand for the Clubhouse app among Android users is rampant as the Google Play Store in March was inundated with apps. A clone of the Clubhouse.

These apps are flagged by WeLiveSecurity as a platform through which “cybercriminals try to capitalize on the Clubhouse’s popularity to introduce malware intended to steal users’ login information for a variety of online services”.


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