The continued absence of Abdel Shafi and Abu Jabal from Zamalek in the face of Pyramids


The duo Mohamed Abdel-Shafi and Mohamed Abu Jabal, players of the first football team of Zamalek Club, continue to be absent from the ranks of their team in the face of Pyramids, which are scheduled for 9:30 pm tomorrow, Sunday, at Cairo International Stadium, within the competitions of the nineteenth round of the lifetime of the League competition.

Abdel Shafi and Abu Jabal are still suffering from infection with the Corona virus, as Abu Jabal was absent from his team’s past confrontation in front of the Arab Contractors, while Abdel Shafi was absent since the confrontation with the National Bank.

At the same time, Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim Jensh, the team’s goalkeeper, and Abdullah Jumaa, will undergo a medical test on the sidelines of the group training that will be held at nine in the evening, in order to determine their final position on facing Pyramids.

Abdullah Jumaa suffers from a panic attack in the knee’s inner ligament, while Jensh complains of severe pain in the lower back, which led to the duo not participating in the team’s training yesterday.

Zamalek is still top of the Premier League with 40 points, but it is Allowed the traditional rivals Al-Ahly Approaching the lead after Falling into a draw against the contractors In the last round, before Al-Ahly drew against El Gouna in the same round, it raised its tally to 37 points, while Pyramids ranked third in the league table with 30 points.

Zamalek and PyramidsThey have played the same number of matches so far, with 18 matches for each team in the current version of the league, and Zamalek, the championship leader, won 12 matches, drew 4, and lost two games, while Pyramids won 7 games, drew 9, and lost two games.


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