The correct way to charge pubg mobile for free. Get to know Pubg mobile 2021


Statistics say that the game of PUBG is the most famous in the past two years, and the players of PUBG are on the increase, and among the terms that spread among them are the intensity of PUBG, and the search for a way to charge the intensity of PUBG Mobile for free is abundant, as that of PUBG is a virtual currency within the game that enables you to obtain many Features and open many doors for you within the game, where you can pass levels within the game or improve and develop the player’s performance level and combat weapons, which helps the player win.

How to charge PUBG Mobile for free

The intensity of PUBG is one of the important things that fans of the game of Peggy are looking for, as you can use it to activate the so-called Royal Pass, which distinguishes players from others, and gives them more rewards as they advance in the level within the game, which causes some players to gain an unprecedented advantage over others. And it increases their chances of winning the battles they wage.

The game provides a free way to get the badges by watching some advertisements and videos presented by the game application, and from the salvation of this method, you get free PUBG badges without paying any money, and there are many other ways to charge the badges of PUBG, through the so-called Google Play cards and cards ITunes, and also free PUBG mobile charging is available through an application called super dice, so all you have to do is follow the following steps: –

Steps to charge for pubg mobile

  • Download the super dice app
  • Enter the main interface of the application.
  • Choose the icon in the middle with the + sign next to it, then click on input inactivation code, then register a code
  • After registering the code, you will find a message that you got $ 2, click on the play menu and play by collecting the similarities next to each other, to collect the largest number of points.
  • Click on the main menu and select the gem sign.
  • A menu will open with many options, and among the options is a Google Play card showing what points were collected during the game, press cash out and then register an email to receive the code, then charge it in Google Play and thus you have a balance on Google Play.
  • Log in to the game of Peggy and recharge your PUBG subscriptions with the balance you have.
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