The crisis of the Chinese missile falling from space reveals the problem of orbital debris


Experts say, the crisis of the return of a missile Long March 5B China’s uncontrolled grounding is a reminder of a much bigger problem in the existing orbital debris where a missile was launched. Long March 5B The first unit of the Chinese space station to orbit on April 28, and now space debris control groups and satellites are closely monitoring the main stage of the large missile, which will fall to Earth in an uncontrolled manner soon.

One report showed that the missile will roll along an elliptical orbit and fall to the ground within a few days, but it is difficult to determine where the missile fell, as no one knows for sure the exact date and time of the fall of the missile body.

The magnitude of the problem

An analytical group that monitors objects orbiting the Earth has revealed called ” CelesTrak“It is not really related to this missile body, because every missile object in Earth orbit cannot be controlled either.”

The group added, “There are 2,033 missile objects in Earth’s orbit … at least the ones for which we have orbital data, as there may be more objects, and of course, each of them is uncontrolled, and out of 2033, 546 belong to the United States and 169 are from it.” Belonging to China, Russia comes in the lead with 1,035 missile bodies.

where are they?

TS Kelso said of the group, ” CelesTrakThere are 66 other missile objects in orbit around the Earth, about which we do not have data and there is no data about where they are? Most of us have no idea what orbit they are in, so they can enter again or just collide with something else in orbit, pretty much without any warning. “

Kelso concluded his speech by saying, “The problem is that the number must be zero, and we must all start working now to make sure that we do not continue to make this problem worse.” The bottom line is that we all need to make better efforts to stop leaving things in Orbit after its intended use, and find safe ways to remove it. “


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