The date of the Al-Ahly and Enppi match in the Egypt Cup after the Red Devils crowned the African Super


Al-Ahly of Egypt, after crowning the African Super Cup at the expense of Nahdet Berkane with two goals without a response, during the meeting that brought them together on Friday evening at Hamad Bin Jassim Stadium in Qatar, Al-Ahly will return to another tournament next Friday, June 4, to face Enppi in the round of 16 of the tournament. The Egypt Cup, which is held at the Cairo International Stadium. The start of the match is scheduled to beep at nine oclock in the evening, Egypt time, ten oclock Saudi time.

The first football team of Al-Ahly club won the African Super Cup after winning 2-0 against the Moroccan team, Nahdet Berkane, in the match that was held this Friday evening at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium in Al Sadd Club in Qatar.

Al-Ahly’s goals were scored by Mohamed Sharif in the 57th minute, and Salah Mohsen added the second goal in the 82nd minute.

Al-Ahly presented a strong match, especially in the second half, which he completely dominated, scored two goals and wasted several chances, to crown the Red Genie in the African Super for the seventh time in its history, and to continue its dominance and deserved supremacy on the African continent.

Offensive invasions:
Al-Ahly continued its offensive conquests, whether from the outskirts of the field or the depth, and in the 8th minute, the ball reached Hussein Al-Shahat inside the Nahdet Berkane penalty area, and he prepared it on the edge of the penalty area in front of Aliou Diang, who shot with the belly of the foot, but over the crossbar, and the opportunity was lost.

In the 9th minute, and from a quick counter-attack, the ball reached Amr Al-Sulayya, and he played it long and neatly to Hussein Al-Shahat, he evaded and continued to dribble to waste the ball after the intervention of Moroccan defense hearts Issoufou Dayo and Ismail Al-Mokadam.

On the other hand, the Nahdet Berkane team relied on the quick rebounds, taking advantage of Al-Ahly’s offensive rush. The first chance for the Nahdet Berkan team came in the 18th minute with a header from Mohamed Aziz passed next to the left post of goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy, and then Yasser Ibrahim received the yellow card for the roughness.

El Shennawy’s intervention:
In the 27th minute, Nahdet Berkane reappeared in front of Al-Ahly’s goal from a quick counter-attack, the ball reached Mohamed Farhan on the left side, and advanced into the penalty area to be unique to goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy, who intervened at the right time to hit Farhan next to the post.

And before the end of the half, the referee counts a free direct kick to the Nahdhat Borkan team on the borders of the Al-Ahly penalty area, which was played by Omar Al-Austrian by accident, but it passed next to the post, after which the referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half, with the two teams tied without goals.

the first goal:
In the 57th minute, Mohamed Sharif put his mark on the match with a wonderful goal, after receiving the ball inside the Nahdet Berkane penalty area from Hussein Al-Shahat’s pass.

In the 67th minute, Hussein Al-Shahat comes out and Salah Mohsen participates, and before Al-Shahat’s exit, he receives a strange yellow card from the Algerian referee for wasting time.

Mohamed Sharif’s goal opened Al-Ahly’s attacking appetite, so Taher Mohamed Taher almost scored the second goal with a powerful shot that goalkeeper Zuhair Laroubi saved, turning the ball into a corner kick.

In the 71st minute, Nahdet Berkan player Issoufou Dayo receives the yellow card for excessive roughness with Mohamed El-Shennawy, who received treatment before playing again.

second goal
Al-Ahly continued to dominate the match, and in the 82nd minute, Taher received the ball from a quick counterattack and passed it to Salah Mohsen Fraugh Al-Hass and hit the ball, scoring the second goal.

After the second goal, Al-Ahly made the fourth and fifth changes, with the exit of Mohamed Sharif and Taher Mohamed Taher, and the participation of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba and Hamdi Fathi to control the midfield.

At the end of the match, Al-Ahly had many opportunities, and Mohamed Magdy Afsha in the 90th minute almost added the third goal, but the goalkeeper saved the ball, and then a certain opportunity was lost, when Salah Mohsen’s header hit the right post of the Nahdet Berkan goal, after which the Algerian referee, Mustafa Gharbal, blew the final whistle with a victory Al-Ahly 2-0 and Al-Ahly crowned the African Super Cup for the seventh time in its history.

Mini Match:
Match venue: Jassim bin Hamad Stadium “Al Sadd Club” in Doha.
Referee: Algerian Mustapha Ghorbal.
Round: African Super Cup.

Al-Ahly formation:
Goalkeeper: Mohamed El-Shennawy.
Defense lines: Mohamed Hani, Badr Banoon, Ayman Ashraf, and Yasser Ibrahim.
Midfield: Amr Al-Sulayya, Alio Diang, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Hussein El-Shahat and Taher Mohamed Taher.
Offensive line: Mohamed Sharif.
Ramy Rabia – Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba – Hamdi Fathi – Walid Suleiman – Ali Lotfi – Salah Mohsen – Ali Maaloul.

– Changes:
Ali Maaloul instead of Ayman Ashraf, d. 46.
Rami Rabia instead of Yasser Ibrahim, d.46.
Salah Mohsen instead of Hussein Al-Shahat, d. 67.
Mahmoud Abdel Moneim electrified instead of Taher Mohamed Taher, d. 84.
Hamdi Fathi instead of Muhammad Sharif, d.84.

Muhammad Sharif «Al-Ahly» Dr. 57.
Salah Mohsen «Al-Ahly» d.82.

Yellow Cards:
Ayman Ashraf, “Al-Ahly”, d. 5.
Yasser Ibrahim “Al-Ahly” d. 21.
Hussein Al-Shahat «Al-Ahly» d.67.
Isofo Daewoo “Burkan Renaissance” d.71.
Mahmoud Kahraba, “Al-Ahly,” d. 90 + 2.

Red cards: none.

Penalty kicks: none.

Al-Ahly’s crowning podium in the African Super Cup witnessed a unique moment, with Al-Ahly players giving their medals to the club’s president, Mahmoud Al-Khatib. Al-Ahly won the African Super Cup for the seventh time in its history, after defeating the Moroccan team, Nahdet Berkane, with two goals without return.


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