The daughter of Al-Fawazeer director reveals why Samir Ghanem presented “Fatuta” in a green suit always | Video


Media journalist Lamia Fahmy Abdel Hamid, daughter of the late famous director Fahmy Abdel Hamid, revealed the secret of artist Samir Ghanem’s introduction of the “Fatuta” character in Fawazir in a green suit for years.

During her interview with the media, Buthaina Tawakkol, and the journalist Jamal Inayat on the “Cairo Today” program on the Alfa channel, Lamia Fahmy Abdel Hamid said that “Fatuta” appeared in the beginning in a black suit, and after three episodes, her father felt that the color black could frighten children from the character. To which the young and old were connected, and out of respect for the feelings and mentality of the child, he changed the color of the suit to green.

The daughter of Al-Fawazeer director also revealed that he created the character “Fatuta”, inspired by her brother, director Wael Fahmy Abdel-Hamid, who wore his father’s suit and shoes, and the late director saw him with long sleeves and a large jacket, so the idea of ​​”Fatota” came up to him, and he grabbed the pen and started drawing it until he It appeared the way everyone knew.


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