The departure of “Al-Nouri” … the Algerian artist died at the moment of his death in the series


Al-Shorouk newspaper said that Balha Bin Zayan, Who recently performed an operation in the arteries of the heart at the Military Hospital in the state of Oran, died on Sunday after suffering with the disease.

Nouri revealed earlier to the Algerian newspaper “An-Nahar” that he was suffering from the disease during the filming period The series “Ashour El-Tenth”But he was able to overcome his pain at work.

The body of Bin Zayan will shine on Monday in the Siq Fy cemetery Camp state, Northwestern Algeria, and a number of local artists are scheduled to participate.

Activists on social media stated that the moment the news of Bin Zayan’s death was announced coincided by chance with his death in his last series, while eating poisoned food according to the dramatic context.

The Algerian actor mourned Othman Ariwat Through his account on “Instagram”, the deceased Bin Zayan, wrote: “Oh God, forgive him, have mercy on him, and make his grave a meadow of Paradise.”

Also mourned Director Jaafar Qasim Who worked for a long time with Bin Zayan, the late actor, and said: “All words do not express my pain. Today I lost my brother and my friend, my source of inspiration. A wonderful person who spreads joy wherever he is. Always. You will remain in my heart forever. “

As for the artist Saleh Uqrout He wrote on “Instagram”, saying: “Balaha bin Zayan, the artist who was my closest friend. The delicate artist, the beautiful human being, and the creatures are under the protection of God. Oh God, have mercy on him and forgive him and make his resting place the highest paradise.”

Among the most prominent television and theatrical works that Ben Zayan participated in were: “Ayesh Belhaf” in 1992, “Nass Mallah City” in 2006, “Diary of Zarbout” in 2008, “My Family Association” in 2008, 2009 and 2011, and “Budu” in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, “Dar Al-Jeeran” in 2013, “Familia Star” in 2013, “Dar Al-Bahja” in the same year, “Lasikmari” in 2014, and the series “Ashour the Tenth” in 2021.


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