The deterioration of Samir Ghanem’s health condition and his transfer to intensive care after his infection with Corona


Samir Ghanem’s health condition worsened after he was recently infected with the new Corona virus a few days ago and was transferred to intensive care, and the journalist Rami Radwan, the husband of his daughter Dunya, asked to pray for him for a family recovery, he and his wife, the great artist Dalal Abdulaziz.

Samir Ghanem’s health deteriorated after suffering complications from Corona virus

Numerous press statements confirmed that Samir Ghanem’s condition is unstable because he is currently suffering from complications from the Corona virus, and this is after he was infected with the virus from his wife, artist Dalal Abdel Aziz.

The source added that the comedian Samir Ghanem suffers from a significant decrease in the percentage of oxygen in the blood and the commitment to put it on the oxygen devices, and also that he is currently facing many severe difficulties that exist in breathing, and this is due to his lung infection with the virus.

It is worth noting that the artist Samir Ghanem is currently in an isolation hospital in Mohandessin and under the care of a number of doctors, and that he was transferred yesterday to this hospital in the Mohandessin area, and his wife, the great artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, was also admitted to a private hospital four days ago on the road Wees bridge.

Her health condition deteriorated a lot, she was short of breath, and she was put on an oxygen machine and obtained the necessary treatment protocol, and this is after confirming the positive of her second scan, and with her daughter Donia Samir Ghanem After she recovered from the virus and made sure that her swab was negative.


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