The director of the “Etoile” Kahk ad responds to the criticism: We deliberately shocked the audience news


The new advertising campaign for “Etoile” confectioners, which began showing on television two days ago, has been subjected to a wave of criticism, on social networking sites.

The advertisement shows a number of people eating a “cake” of Eid, with their mouths full and insisting on speaking and food flying out of their mouths, which annoyed the audience and described it as a “disgusting scene.”

We recommend: Disgusting and disgusting … Criticism of Etoile’s advertisement for Eid cakes contacted director Hani Kamel, the director of the advertisement, to respond to these criticisms and explain to us the idea of ​​the advertisement.

Hani said, We expected the advertising campaign to come under some criticism at the beginning, but we relied on that “Etoile” is a big name, and when people understand and know the meaning of this campaign, it will turn into a joke, adding, we expected that the Egyptian people have a sense of humor and will receive the idea in a simpler way. .

Regarding the purpose of the advertisement, he said: “I will not be able to explain the idea of ​​the advertisement now, but I promise the audience with a surprise.”

I continue, I am a doctor of media and I know very well how to build an advertising campaign, the start of which is a shock to the public, and then the idea is explained.

Hani Kamel confirmed that this year he wanted to present different ideas in the promotional campaign for “Etoile”, explaining that he presented with the Lebanese artist Nicole Saba the advertising campaign that presented the beginning of Ramadan, indicating that he moved away from the idea of ​​the family meeting and the happiness in which they live, and decided to change the decoration. And photography.

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