The drama of “Barra” is the trend … and they have a good example in Yasmine Sabry


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Quietly and without noise or scenes of broken bones, blood and words outside, the series “Waleed People” was able to convey a vivid picture of what adolescents are going through, whether with themselves or with their parents and teachers, so we moved to the world of adolescence and the disparities and gaps between the young generation and the adult generation, although it was exposed to problems Adolescents from addiction, bullying, loss of confidence and communication, and corrupt relationships within the school, home and club, and he could have produced a fabricated act that carries exaggerations as it discusses a bad reality that these adolescents have suffered from, who are exploding with events when their school bus collides and they have a traffic accident. The problems of these students are presented in front of the audience and are addressed by the heroes of the work as if we are inside their homes with a stoic performance, based on the dialogue sentences exchanged between the heroes, led by Ahmed Wafiq, Bayoumi Fouad, Rania Farid Shawky, Sabry Fawaz, and a number of promising young faces.

The irony is that a work like the series “Wlad Nas” was not felt by anyone, and it did not jump to the forefront of the trend through social media, which many consider a measure of success now, but it is more like a soap bubble that fades quickly, to top another bubble, “Waleed Nas” came out a quiet work that discusses His issues smoothly without spasms, addictive scenes, carrying a thug or silver teeth for the villains, blatant makeup for his heroines, a race for fashion or suggestions, harassment and entering the bedrooms, the social work, which carried important issues, the illusory trend, did not lead the viewer with a disjointed scenario, contradictory events or fabricated conflicts. And wages in the millions earned by its heroes, but rather relied on the collective championship of stars who have their presence and distinctive performance, they have been the pillar of Egyptian drama for years.

Outside the trend, too, works that do not deserve to be included in the Ramadan show in the first place, nor were they to be in this dramatic race, such as the series “All We Separate” and “All with Love».

The problems caused by the two heroines, and the withdrawal of some actors from their “detail” series before the show in Ramadan were not the reason behind the viewer’s uttering of these two works, but the drama industry needed to persuade his protagonists to review what they presented and look at the size of their capabilities and their presence on the screen, not that The matter remains subject to their self-esteem of their stardom every year, and the audience expects that they will make the decision to stay away from the screen or the championship for acts that impose themselves annually on the viewers, but one of them celebrates alone as “Number One” and the most successful series, without leaving the judgment to the audience.

And it remains for them in Yasmine Sabry, a “good example”. She was absent this year from the dramatic race, after her experience in the series “A Second Chance”, last Ramadan, and Reham Hajjaj and Zina still have a “second opportunity” to withdraw from their presence next Ramadan with a new dramatic action starring.


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