The Egypt Film Channel is closed for Regeni


Suddenly disappeared from the Egyptian documentary “YouTube” “Regeni’s story” Who adopts a narrative different from the facts that the Italian investigations settle on, and promotes the idea of ​​a conspiracy and the Italian student, Giulio Regeni, was kidnapped and murdered in early 2016.

Without disclosing the identity of the film’s makers and producers; The channel you posted has been closed.

And Egyptian diplomatic sources previously revealed to Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that this film was supervised by the office of the Director of General Intelligence, Abbas Kamel, within the framework of information published by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on April 16th about Egypt’s attempt to promote a narrative contradicting the Italian narrative in support of statements. The witnesses presented by the public prosecutor in Rome to the criminal case moving room, demanding the trial of four officers, while clinging to Italian claim To proceed with the trial procedures, backed by the left-wing forces.

The channel was closed and the film was removed from “YouTube” in conjunction with its presentation, yesterday, on the media channel Nashat Al-Daihi, affiliated with the General Intelligence.

The film claimed that Regeni was killed by a group of opponents Egyptian system Local or foreign affiliates, in conjunction with the visit of a large Italian delegation to Cairo and the meeting of the Italian Minister of Industry, Federica Guidi, with the President of the Republic Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

This was expressed by the Egyptian Public Prosecutor in a statement closing the case against an unknown, saying: “The behavior of the victim and his unfamiliar movements were not hidden by any of the common people. Committing his offense before the victim, late on January 25, 2016, for committing his offense therein, knowing that the Egyptian security was busy at that time with insurance Vital installations“.

He added, “The victim was kidnapped, detained and physically tortured in order to affix the accusation to members of the Egyptian security, and coinciding with the arrival of an economic delegation to visit the country, the victim was killed and his body was thrown at a vital location near important facilities, some of which belong to the police.”

And he considered that “he wanted to inform everyone of his killing and draw attention to him, which confirmed to the Public Prosecution the presence of parties hostile to Egypt and Italy seeking to exploit the incident to the wedge between them in light of the positive development in their relations during the recent period, and some of them are in line with that.” The media Known for stirring up strife in order to cause that incident, the Public Prosecution concluded that the circumstances and circumstances of the incident in this way have another picture that the investigations have not yet revealed about it, or the identity of the perpetrator. “

He criticized the head of the Italian House of Representatives, Roberto Fico, The 51-minute film, and the party that prepared it and did not announce its name sought help from a number of unofficial Egyptian and Italian figures who recycled official Egyptian statements about the possible involvement of Regeni in intelligence activities against Egypt, and that the gang responsible for his death “committed a complete crime.” The Egyptian authorities were unable to find the perpetrators, and that the primary purpose of the crime was to spoil the relationship between the two countries.

Last Thursday, the Judicial Chamber concerned with initiating the criminal case decided to postpone a hearing for the Public Prosecutor at the beginning of the hearing of the case against Egyptian officers The four accused of killing Regeni, until May 25, and diplomatic sources explained that the postponement came because one of the lawyers from the office contracted by the Egyptian embassy to defend the four officers presented evidence that he was infected with the new Corona virus, and his inability to initiate the session.

The four accused officers are Major General Tariq Saber, Colonel Aser Kamal, Colonel Hisham Helmy, and Lieutenant Colonel Magdy Abdel Aal Sharif. According to Italian law, they can all address the public prosecutor to deny the facts, and they can also request to appear before the prosecution to make their statements.

Major General Tariq Saber, now the Assistant Minister of Interior for Civil Status, was during the incident a sector director in the National Security Agency, and he was the one who instructed to follow up Regeni based on a report submitted to him by one of his assistants about his research activities and his communication with the head of the Street Sellers Syndicate, on the occasion of his search for Independent unions in Egypt.

As for the second officer, Colonel Aser Kamal, who was working as the head of the investigations facilities in the capital, there are indications that he was the one who supervised the drawing of the Regeni tracking plan in the framework of coordination between National Security and Public Security, and he was transferred several months after the incident to work in another governorate.

As for Lieutenant Colonel Magdy Sharif, the Roma claim had previously published an approximate quadruple name for him, “Magdy Ibrahim Abdel-Al Sharif,” the officer who was reported by an African officer that he heard spontaneous talk from him during a training for African officers in Kenya in 2017, in which he confessed to his involvement in the killing of Regeni Or “the Italian young man”, as he described it, to the point of saying that he “punched him several times” due to “suspicion of being a British spy.”

The Italian investigations tend to indicate that the officer Magdy Sharif participated in three other officers, other than the five suspects, or their successors in managing the Regeni file and that they all formed a network of informants about Regeni, which, according to the Italian scenario, includes both Regeni’s close colleague, researcher Nora Wehbe, and his partner In the residence is Muhammad Al-Sayed Al-Sayyad and Muhammad Abdullah, who appears in the documentary prepared before Egyptian devices.

Egypt has bought weapons from Italy in the amount of one billion and 944 million euros since the killing of Regeni, including 991 million in 2020, which is the largest number in the history of military relations between the two countries, and in 2019 it spent 870 million euros, and in 2018 the value of the deals was only 69 million euros. And this was at his time a record that represented more than twice the largest amount Egypt paid for Italian weapons in one year ever, and a number that far exceeds the price of its purchases of weapons and ammunition in all years from 2013 to 2017.


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