The Egyptian Red Crescent announces 5 ways to donate to the relief of the people of Gaza


08:28 PM

Friday, May 14, 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

The Egyptian Red Crescent announced the ways to donate to the relief of the people of Gaza, stressing that the Rafah border crossing with Palestine will be opened soon.

The Red Crescent added in a statement on its Facebook page: “The crossing will open at any time, and we will need large medical reliefs for our sisters in Palestine, and for a large number of them in hospitals in North Sinai, the medical staff is ready to receive the injured.”

Al-Hilal indicated that relief can be assisted, by sending the word Gaza or the word Palestine in a five-pound message to the number 9770, adding: “You will go to the Egyptian Red Crescent – donate and download a screen shot to encourage others.”

And the Egyptian Red Crescent, an official body that has performed its duty in disasters, calamities and wars in Egypt for more than 100 years.

The Red Crescent statement added that there was no official request for a need to donate blood so far.

He emphasized that there are other ways to donate, through the following:

1- Call 15322, a representative from the Red Crescent.
2- Donation online through the Egyptian Red Crescent Society website:
3- Or through Banque du Caire at account No. 8384/501/30.
4- Or through Fawry on the account of 99981.
5- Any instantaneous machine.

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