The expectation of death and his parents did not know of his death … the story of the departure of a “stump officer”


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Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

18 seconds was the period of “Astori” published by Captain Mustafa Khalil through his personal account on the “Facebook” site of the noble verse: “Forgive sin and accept severe repentance for a long time. God will not know what is great – without his hand – without him.” Hours later.

On Friday morning, the young officer organized the service of securing St. Malak Michael’s Church in the Kerdasa district, north of Giza, to coincide with the Christian celebrations of the glorious Easter Day.

Six in the evening – sunset on the eighteenth day of Ramadan – Captain Mustafa Khalil finished his work to get into his car to his residence in the October Gardens area.

“Khalil” used to eat breakfast with his three sisters, who are alone in the custody of parents in a hospital because of their infection with the emerging corona virus “Covid 19”.

It was only minutes after the four had breakfast, until the officer of Saidi origin went to his room to take a rest after a hard day in the sun, but it was moments of farewell. The “jade” – as his colleagues call him – died from his sudden heart attack.

At lightning speed, the pages of police officers – especially the 2017 class – turned black. Each of them hurried to publish an unforgettable position that brought it together with “Ibn Al-Balad” coming from Al-Qusiya Center, Assiut Governorate, and the only son of Dr. Khalil Abdel-Aal, the former dean of the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom at Fayoum University.

Moving to the Giza Security Directorate, the atmosphere was sad, and silence was held throughout the newly constructed office. The same thing happened at the headquarters of the North October Division – where the deceased officer was working – amid a state of frustration that raised faces until one of them mentioned, “I mean, I will not see him again .. He has been bothering us two days ago.”

“Our Lord is patient with his family.” With these words, one of the directorate’s leaders called the officer, explaining, “His father and mother do not know of his death … his mother speaks to him from yesterday on his phone, wanting to reassure him.”

Mustafa Khalil graduated from the Police College in Class of 2017, and joined the Giza Security Directorate, so his first operational stage came as an officer in the Bulaq Dakrour Police Department, “Nizam”.

Last December, the young officer got a mabahith squad to be assigned to him in the following month as an investigation officer in the North October Division (Kerdasa – Al-Qanater facility).

“Khalil” was known for his gentleness of creation and his activity at work. He was a source of joy for those close to him who did not hesitate to extend a helping hand to others. He also enjoyed the love and respect of his leaders since his work in the police force, who predicted a promising future for him.

This morning, Saturday, hundreds of officers attended the funeral of Mustafa Khalil, in the presence of a number of his friends and colleagues, who were keen to say goodbye to his final resting place.

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