The father killed them .. The funeral of the bodies of the victims of the Fayoum massacre in the cemetery of the drowning


12:08 AM

Saturday 08 May 2021

Fayoum – Hussein Fathy:

Hundreds of people from the village of drowning in Aitsa in Fayoum, the body of Maha Abdel Basset, and her four children, were mourned amid a state of discontent and anger from the villagers against the father accused of killing his wife and children during the holy month of Ramadan.

The bodies of the wife and her children were carried by two ambulances, and a prayer for the bodies of the victims was held in the vicinity of the cemeteries of the village of Al-Drowned, while the bodies of the rest of the sons were buried in the cemeteries of the husband’s family in the cemeteries of the village of Maajun.

In front of both Tariq Al-Sayed and Hossam Al-Maghribi, prosecutors of the Etsa Center, the accused made detailed confessions about how he committed the crime, saying: “After the debt accumulated on me and some individuals filed cases with trust receipts that I signed, and they went to my father to demand that he must pay my debts, the world became black in my eyes and no longer. There are solutions in front of me except for going to prison and leaving my wife and children to suffer from the pursuit of religion. Here, I thought about suicide, but I thought about getting rid of my family and then committing suicide. “

The defendant added in his confessions with the prosecutors of the Etsa Center, that he consumed the suhoor meal early with his family members, put a narcotic for them in a tamarind drink, and waited until everyone slept, and slaughtered them all by the neck, and when he tried to slaughter his wife, she woke up and resisted, which prompted him to stab her several Stabs in the heart area.

The accused added, “After that, I went to my own fino bakery in the area of ​​the sea sinking, and put a shawl in place of the fan, trying to hang myself, but the soul retreated, dearly, I could not die myself, and I tried to set fire to the oven while I was inside, but the people managed to catch me, extinguish the fire, and deliver me to the police.”

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