The fighter Jamila Bouhaired was infected with Corona … and sends a message of reassurance: I will get better, God willing


The Algerian fighter, Jamila Bouhaired, was infected with the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, and was transferred to the Mustapha Pasha University Hospital, in the capital, Algeria, according to the Algerian news site, indicating that her health condition is stable and not a cause for concern.

While the 85-year-old great fighter revealed the developments of her health in a phone call with her sky news Al-Arabiya, she has been in the university hospital for a week after being infected with the Coronavirus, confirming that her health condition has improved, saying: “I will improve, God willing, peace to all the Algerian and Arab people and everyone who asks about me.” Algerian doctors have competence, and I trust them. “

While those close to Bouhaired hope that she will leave the hospital on Sunday or Monday, as her health continues to improve, which so far seems stable..

The Algerian Minister of Health, the Minister of Labor and the Governor of the Algerian capital were also keen to visit the great militant in the hospital to check on her health condition.

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