The first appearance of Horeya Farghali at Cairo airport after treating her nose in America | news


The artist, Houria Farghali, returned to Egypt after undergoing a number of operations on her nose after suffering a fracture years ago.

Several photos of Huria Farghali spread for the moment she arrived at Cairo airport returning from the American state of Chicago, where she performed several surgeries, which we will monitor in the following lines:

The first operation, which took 10 hours to complete, where doctors removed bones from the rib cage and a group of stem cells to perform a plastic surgery to fix her nose.

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– The second operation, in which the nose is modified to its natural shape and sculpted, in addition to the development of the sense of smell and taste.

– The third operation was the rehabilitation of placing the bones in the appropriate place in the nose until they returned to their normal shape again.

The fourth operation was a part of the reconstruction of the nose.

Before the American trip, Houria Farghali underwent many nose surgeries, which were shattered after falling from the horse during her equestrian training years ago, but all operations were not successful, which exposed Farghali to health problems, difficulty breathing and a change in features to a large extent, as well as psychological problems. She pushed her to reduce appearing, suffered from depression, and shook her self-confidence, according to what she said on more than one occasion.

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