The first comment by Houria Farghali after her return to Egypt


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Monday 03 May 2021

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The artist Houria Farghali arrived, on Sunday evening, at Cairo Airport from the United States, after performing 4 successful nose surgeries in a hospital.

And in her first comment after her return to Egypt; “Houria”, through her account on “Instagram”, published several photos of her after her arrival at Cairo Airport, and commented on “Emoji Heart” saying: “Cairo Airport .. Egypt.”

Houria Farghali had published a picture of her first appearance after she underwent several operations on her nose in a hospital in the United States of America.

Through her “Instagram” account, Houria posted her photo, and commented: “Praise be to God, until praise reaches its end,” referring to the success of the operations she performed on her nose.

Houria Farghali recently underwent many surgeries on her nose, including surgery to rehabilitate the positioning of the bones in the right place so that her nose returns to its normal shape again.

Houria Farghali return to Egypt

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