The first comment from Sohag Electricity on the meter charging crisis: Citizens A.


08:35 PM

Saturday 08 May 2021

Sohag – Ammar Abdel Wahed:

A malfunction in the system of external charging machines for prepaid electric cards has caused congestion and congestion in the company’s customer service places in different cities.

Engineer Ahmed Youssef, head of electrical engineering in Tahta, north of Sohag Governorate, said that the reason for the crowd of citizens on electrical engineering today, Saturday, is the occurrence of the system from external charging machines located in shops and communication centers, due to the very high air temperatures.

In exclusive statements to Masrawy, Yusef added that there is no crowd of citizens now at the Engineering Citizen Service headquarters, due to the extension of working hours in the morning shift.

The head of Tahta electrical engineering pointed out that citizens are the main reason for the congestion witnessed by electrical engineering at the level of the republic and not only Tahta or Sohag, explaining that the citizen waits until the balance ends with the meter charging card to go to charge it again, at a time when electricity consumption increases with Summer is rising and heat is increasing the demand for operating air conditioners and fans.

Youssef pointed out that there is an evening work period in electrical engineering that starts after breakfast and continues until ten in the evening.

Today, Saturday, the electrical engineering in Sohag Governorate witnessed a crowd of citizens at customer service offices to charge prepaid meter cards, and he appealed to citizens to quickly solve the crisis to protect them from infection with the emerging corona virus.

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