“The first operation is the most difficult, and in one I want to stop my self” .. Houria Farghali reveals the most difficult moments she went through in her journey of treatment | news


The artist Houria Farghali revealed the most difficult moments that she went through after returning to Egypt after spending months in the United States of America to have nose surgeries.

In her meeting with ET in Arabic, Houria Farghali said that she was supposed to undergo one surgery and return after weeks to Egypt, but she was surprised by her doctor telling her that she needed to perform 4 operations, so she had to cancel all her plans to be devoted to surgery.

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Houria Farghali indicated that the most difficult operation she went through was the first, which lasted about 11 hours and was suffering from her pain for a long time, and the rest of the operations did not say pain from the first, pointing out that she is following up her case in Egypt with her private doctor who was nominated by the American doctor and she is supposed to travel again in August. Next to check on her health.

Houria Farghali pointed out that there are some rumors that bothered her during her treatment, including what someone posted on his YouTube channel that she repented of art and completely retired, adding, “One wants to stop my situation, why was I doing what? It is someone who said that I retired.”

Houria Farghali thanked all of the fans and her colleagues in the artistic community who supported her.

Before the American trip, Houria Farghali underwent many nose surgeries, which were shattered after falling from the horse during her training in equestrian sport years ago, but all operations were not successful, which exposed Farghali to health problems, difficulty breathing and a change in features to a large extent, as well as psychological problems. I pushed it to reduce the visibility.

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