The first photo of the Chinese missile debris before it fell



Posted in: Saturday 8 May 2021 – 11:49 PM | Last update: Saturday, May 8, 2021 – 11:49 PM

The International Astronomy Center has published a picture of the Chinese missile debris from the United States before its fall, which shows it fragmented into sections due to the rotation of the missile piece around itself at a tremendous speed.

The center said, in a tweet on the Twitter microblogging site, “Some people thought this image of the Star Link satellites, and this is not true, is actually of the debris of the Chinese missile from America this morning before its fall, and it appears intermittent due to the rotation of the missile piece around itself, which leads For the difference in the amount of sunlight reflection towards the earth, to appear intermittently, similar to Star Link satellites.

European and American tracking centers said today, Saturday, that the remnants of the largest Chinese missile, which was launched last week, is expected to enter back through the atmosphere late Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that most of the missile debris will be burned upon entering the atmosphere and is highly unlikely to cause any damage, after the US military said that the US Space Command was following what it described as an uncontrolled entry of the missile through the atmosphere.

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