The first photo of the Chinese missile debris, hours before it fell to the ground


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The International Astronomy Center published a picture from the US sky which it said was the debris of the Chinese missile before its fall this morning.

The International Astronomy Center added in a tweet on its official Twitter account, that “the image of the debris appears intermittent due to the rapid rotation of the missile piece around itself, which leads to a difference in the amount of sunlight reflection towards the Earth to appear intermittently, resembling the satellites of Star Link.”

The International Astronomy Center pointed out that “some people thought this image of the Star Link satellites, and this (last claim) is incorrect.”

The launch of a Chinese space rocket carrying the basic unit of the Chinese space station “Tianhe” – archive photo

In the same context, the International Astronomy Center announced that the debris of the Chinese missile will fall at 02:04 GMT, plus minus 60 minutes, according to the latest updates.

The International Astronomy Center added in a tweet on its official Twitter account that most of the Arab countries are out of danger, except for Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Palestine.

The International Astronomy Center called for the need to follow up the latest update after about two hours.

And monitoring satellites around the clock the giant Chinese “Long March 5B”, which was out of control, which was launched into space last week, with concerns about the damage that will be caused by its involuntary return to Earth.

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