The Football Association agreed to postpone the Al-Ahly matches with the Tigris and Ceramica in the league


The Egyptian Football Association agreed to the Al-Ahly club’s request to postpone its matches against Tigris Valley and Ceramica in the 22nd and 23rd rounds of the Premier League competition, which are scheduled for 18 and 25 May respectively, provided that they play them during the suspension period for the Olympic team to gather in preparation for participation in the Olympiad.

The Egyptian Football Association referred Al-Ahly’s request to the Federation’s Competitions Department to study the new appropriate dates for the two matches and obtain the necessary approvals, in accordance with the rules announced by the Football Association.

According to the league schedule, Al-Ahly will meet with the Tigris Valley in the 22nd week of May 18, before facing Ceramica on the 25th of the same month in the 23rd week, then Al-Ahly will head to Doha to face the Borkan Renaissance in the African Super on May 28.

The club’s management had previously sent a letter to the Egyptian Football Association requesting that the Al-Ahly matches with each of Wadi Degla in the 22nd week and Ceramica in the 23rd week of the League Championship be relayed to the period of the league competition stopping during the Tokyo Olympics.

On the condition that Al-Ahly team perform these two matches without its Olympic team members .. This came after the Football Association announced the rest of the competition schedule, which increased the unprecedented pressure that Al-Ahly is subjected to (a match every 72 hours), even though it is the only representative of Egyptian football in the Champions League. Africa.

The club management affirmed its confidence in the Football Association’s response to the club’s fair request, especially that Al-Ahly team had endured beyond its capacity as it prepared for the play-off rounds in the CAF Champions League that holds its title from last season.


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