The Football Association rejects the request of Zamalek and Pyramids to return their match in the league


Officials of the Football Association rejected the letter submitted by Pyramids Club regarding the approval of the request announced by Zamalek Club through a member of the Executive Committee Ibrahim Abdullah and his desire to repeat the Zamalek and Pyramids match in the Premier League, which ended in a one-goal draw for each team.

Pyramids confirmed in his speech to the Football Association that he is asking for approval of what was announced by a member of the Zamalek management committee to submit a request to replay the match, and that Pyramids is asking to set a new date for it, especially as he has the preference during the match, indicating that he was subjected to gross injustice during the match by calculating an incorrect penalty kick Including the owners of the land, as well as overlooking the dismissal of the player Tariq Hamed at the beginning of the second half, and also indicated that ending the match before the legal date did not serve the Pyramids, who was looking for compensation through his continuous offensive attempts to score the winning goal before the end of the match, and Pyramids expressed his dissatisfaction with the level Refereeing during the meeting and also referred to the large number of arbitration errors that Pyramids suffered this season, demanding that the referee, Jihad Greisha, should not be responsible for managing the team’s matches in the future in light of the mistakes committed against the club. Stressing his complaint about stress being the most Egyptian club competing for local and continental matches this season, and not taking this into account from the Federation’s Competitions Committee.

Pyramids club confirmed in the letter its extreme dissatisfaction with the level at which the arbitration appeared in the Zamalek meeting, stressing that what is exposed to him from clear injustice in his matches, the last of which is the Zamalek match, is completely unacceptable and cannot continue to remain silent and patient with it, as well in light of the fact that Pyramids He is subjected to oppression on all levels in a way that does not preserve the rules of fair competition.

With our great appreciation for the Zamalek club team, its fans, its history and its performance during the match, and our respect as well for his request to repeat the match, except that according to the regulations and laws of football and with the testimony of all arbitration experts in Egypt and through all satellite channels and the owners of league matches rights, everyone confirmed that the penalty kick that was awarded in favor of Zamalek in The match and the home team scored the equalizer, which was completely incorrect and that the ball could not be counted as a penalty kick, which caused the loss of three important points in the competition course in the league, and that ending the match before its legal date did not serve the Pyramids, who was looking for Compensation through his continuous attacking attempts to score the winning goal before the end of the match.

All the refereeing experts confirmed according to the football regulations and laws that Zamalek player Tariq Hamed deserved to receive a red card in the second half and the referee overlooked it, after he was exposed to a clear and deliberate beating without a ball to Pyramids captain Abdullah Al-Saeed, and everyone confirmed that it was deserving of direct expulsion of the player. A heavy weight in the opposing team would not have negatively affected the performance of his team, which is a clear injustice to the Pyramids club that cannot be tolerated or tolerated, which caused the loss of three precious points from the preference team due to the clear arbitration errors.

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