The Football Association responds to Al-Ahly’s statement and requests to replay matches


1:30 AM

Saturday 08 May 2021

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee for managing the Football Association, stated that Al-Ahly’s statement made a mistake in the text saying that they had admitted that there were clear errors against the club from the referees, saying that they refused to bring in foreign referees, and would not accept any replay of any match.

Mujahid said in his statements to “On Time Sports 2” satellite: “We do not deny the existence of errors from the referees, but they are the normal human errors that occur in all stadiums of the world and will continue to occur in all stadiums of the world, and this matter we do not deny.”

He continued: “We will not reach perfection in arbitration and our goal is to reach the best possible level, and what we mentioned in the text in our speech to Al-Ahly is that we said we do not deny the existence of errors as happens in all stadiums in the world, and we did not say clear errors as mentioned in the Al-Ahly statement, and these errors are not in Al-Ahly matches only.” “.

He added, “The level of rulers in Egypt is the best in our entire surroundings, and better than foreigners who come in other neighboring countries to us.”

And he continued: “The list of competitions already allows clubs to bring in foreign referees in the event of approval to pay fees, subject to the approval of the Football Association to bring in foreign referees.”

He closed the door on the possibility of recruiting referees from outside Egypt, saying: “The issue of foreign referees is over, and we have responded by not agreeing to bring foreign referees to the league matches, whether for Al-Ahly or any other club.”

And he added: “We fully appreciate that the tournament has entered a decisive stage, and there are clubs that have millions of fans. We do not like to put the club management in front of their fans, but the Football Association is responsible for the clubs, the competition, the referees, and our role is to give the opportunity to all elements.”

And he added: “Clearly, the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match will be managed by Egyptian referees, and all the League, Cup and Egyptian Super matches will be completely Egyptian rulers.”

He also said that no match can be replayed at the request of the clubs: “The regular errors that occur from the referee in the match are not a reason to repeat the match, but if a club played with 12 players or a player was sent off and did not come out, then this is a reason to repeat the matches, as for not counting a penalty kick Or an error, this is not a reason. ”

He concluded by saying, “The clubs know this, but they issue such statements in order to satisfy the fans or after the competing clubs. Such requests are not discussed in the first place because it carries more reviews than a serious matter.”


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