The Football Association saves Hossam Paulo from suspending the arsenal by summoning him to the beach team


“The Seventh Day” publishes the letter of the Football Association summoning the player Hossam Paulo, the Tarsana striker, to join the ranks of the beach team in the African Cup of Nations, after the crisis witnessed by the Tarsana club, accusing the player of joining the team without the knowledge of his club.

It is worth noting that Arsenal referred Paolo to investigation and decided to suspend him and accused him of running away from the club to join the national team without the knowledge of club officials.


Football Association Arsenal letter to summon Paulo

On Wednesday, Egypt will face Morocco in the third round of the African Nations Cup, in which the Pharaohs need to win to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament.

The Egyptian beach soccer team, led by Mostafa Lotfy, won 12/2 against the Seychelles team in the second round of the African Nations Cup in Senegal and qualified for the World Cup in Russia, to achieve the highest result in the tournament so far.

وخسر Egypt beach soccer team Against Mozambique with a score of 7/5 in the match that brought them together, Sunday, at the opening of the two teams’ journey in the African Nations Cup in Senegal, qualifying for the World Cup in Russia.

The tournament will be held in the Senegalese city of Sally, and will continue until May 29, and at the same time it is eligible for the World Cup finals, to be held in Russia this year, where the two teams qualify for the final match..

The mission is headed by Walid Al-Attar, Executive Director of the Football Association, and includes the technical staff led by Mustafa Lotfi, technical director, Abdel Wahid Al-Sayed, director of the national team, Ahmed Abu Saree, general coach, Omar Helmy as coach, Yasser Abdel Khaleq as coach of goalkeepers, Mahmoud Ramadan as a doctor, Abbas Hassanein, a physiotherapist, and Amr Saad as an administrator. The players: Muhammad Fawzi, Abdel Aziz Sabah, Mahmoud Maher, Mustafa Samir, Mustafa Ahmed, Ahmed Al Shahat, Hassan Muhammad, Islam Ahmed, Al Husseini Taha, Ahmed Bali, Ahmed Nasser, Haitham Atef, Hossam Paolo, Muhammad Abdul Nabi, and Abdul Rahman Hassan.


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