The Football Association: The Jihad Greisha report does not condemn Zamalek players after the Pyramids match


Football Association officials revealed that the report of the referee, Jihad Greisha, who managed yesterday’s match between Zamalek and Pyramids in the general league, does not condemn the white players after the scene that appeared after the end of the match.

Jabaliya officials said that Greishas report included that the players of Zamalek objected to ending the match without the end of the lost time, and the referee made it clear to them that he had fully counted the lost time, but none of them went out of the text or confused in non-sporting behavior or uttered the word outside.

He tied a team Zamalek and Pyramids With a goal for each team in the match that brought them together yesterday, Sunday, in the 19th round of the League, Pyramids advanced with a goal scored by Abdullah Al-Saeed, the Pyramids player, in the 39th minute and Bin Sharqi tied in the 95th minute of the match.

With this result, Zamalek tops the league table with 41 points, after playing 19 games, winning 12 games, tying in 5 matches, losing two games, and its players scored 33 goals and scored 12 goals..

Pyramids ranks third with 31 points, after playing 19 games, winning 7 games, drawing 10 matches, losing two matches, and its players scored 26 goals and scored 18 goals.

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