The Football Association: The league will continue until next December if it is not over the 30th of September


Officials of the Football Association revealed that the end of the general league competition on September 30 is necessary and irreversible, because if the competition does not end on this date, it will extend until next December.

Gabalaya officials explained that the national team will play the last two rounds of the group with the World Cup qualifiers in October, specifically from 1 to 13 October, and then Egyptian clubs will play the African preliminary matches in the same month, and in November also the team will play its qualifying match for the World Cup. The group “, and then the clubs play preliminary matches in the African championships in the same month, and therefore there is no room for holding league matches during the months of October and November.

Jabalaya officials added that in December, the national team will compete in the Arab Cup, and the tournament will take place over approximately 20 days, and in January next year the Egyptian team will play the African Nations Cup, and therefore there is no room to postpone any matches for the League after September 30, because if the postponement is postponed The league will end in December.

Officials of the Football Association confirmed that there will be no retreat from ending the Egyptian League this season on September 30, after announcing the full schedule and sending it to the clubs. With the qualifiers in October, so it was necessary to finish the league on September 30th.

Jabaliya officials added that Al-Ahly club has one solution to postpone its matches in the league, as long as it complains of fatigue and exhaustion, which is to play without the Olympic team players during the suspension period during the Olympics, and the second match party must also agree to the postponement, and to play without the national team Olympic too.

Anger and resentment prevail within the Al-Ahly club after the announcement of the premier league championship schedule until the end of the current season, and officials of the Red Castle were astonished by the team’s compact league table, clearly.

A source in Al-Ahly said: “We do not know why he insists Football Association On treating the club in this way and pressing the matches in this way, explaining that the team is under severe exhaustion due to successive matches.

The source added: “Al-Ahly will play a match every three days for a period of two months, and this is a matter that greatly exhausts the team and exposes it to successive injuries, and the source stressed that Al-Ahly will play in the African Championship as well as the African Super and continue to play consecutive locally.”

We review the dates of the Al-Ahly matches from the 22nd round until the end of the competition and the postponed matches:

The 22nd week: Al-Ahly against Wadi Degla on May 18th at Al-Salam Stadium.

The 23rd week: Al-Ahly against Ceramica on May 25 at Al-Salam Stadium.

Week 24: Postponed to the African quarter-finals.

The 25th week: Postponed to the African quarter-finals.

The 26th week: Al-Ahly against Al-Mokawloon Al-Arab, on June 22nd at Petrosport Stadium.

The 27th week: Al-Ahly against Pyramids on July 5th at Al-Salam Stadium.

The 28th week: Al-Ahly against Smouha on August 10 at Alexandria Stadium.

The 29th week: Al-Ahly against Al-Ismaili on August 21st at Alexandria Stadium.

Week 30: Al-Ahly against Enppi on August 24th at Al-Salam Stadium.

The 31st week: Al-Ahly against Talaie El-Jie on September 13th at El-Geish Stadium in Suez.

The 32nd week: Al-Ahly against Al-Masry has not set its date at Alexandria Stadium.

The 33rd week: Al-Ahly against El Gouna has yet to be set at Khaled Bishara Stadium.

The 34th week: Al-Ahly against Aswan, a date not set at Al-Salam Stadium.

Al-Ahly postponed dates

Al-Ahly against Aswan postponed from the seventh week of the League on August 14th at Aswan Stadium.

Al-Ahly against the clearing postponed from the 18th week of the League on August 17th at the Army Stadium in Suez.

Al-Ahly Against Military Production postponed from the 24th week of August 28 at Al-Salam Stadium.

Al-Ahly vs. Al-Ahli Bank has been postponed from the 25th week of September 10 at Al-Salam Stadium.


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