The frequency of CBC 2021 on the Nilesat satellite to present the best Ramadan series


Receive the new CBC channel frequency 2021 on Nilesat, to watch the latest drama series in Ramadan 2021, as the CBC channel works with high quality in broadcasting, in order to appear in its most prominent image to the viewer, and is characterized by the purity and quality of the sound, and always working towards providing content The exclusive, which attracts viewers from around the world, so the channel seeks to change its frequency periodically, so today our website provides you with the details of the new CBC channel frequency on the Nilesat satellite.

The frequency of the CBC 2021 channel

The Egyptian CBC satellite channel is interested in displaying a group of distinctive programs that speak in all aspects and societal aspects, which have achieved great follow-up rates in a large number of Arab countries, and among the most prominent of these entertainment programs presented on the CBC channel is the Maakum Program for Distinguished Media Mona El-Shazly, the program of the six women, and the program “God knows best,” as well as the religious program “God knows best.” CBC also participates in this year 2021 in the Ramadan Marathon, with the most interesting and exciting Ramadan series, such as the series “Lei Malouche Kabir” and “Cairo Kabul” series. .

The new CBC channel frequency 2021 via Nilesat

The CBC channel satisfies the public taste of viewers in all Arab countries, and takes into account all the eastern customs of these societies, and preserves them by preventing anything responsible for the viewer, and the CBC channel can be received on Nilesat, through its new data as follows.

  • Satellite: Nilesat.
  • Frequency: 11630.
  • Polarization: horizontal.
  • Coding rate: 27500.
  • Error correction factor: ⅚.
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