The frequency of the Syrian Lana channel in May 2021 on Nilesat for the latest programs and series


We publish to you on our website the frequency of the Syrian Lana channel in May 2021 on Nilesat in order to follow the best programs and series on the channel, which has had the highest search rate in the current period, as during the last period searches for the frequency of the channel increased, which suddenly stopped after That the channel owners were forced to change the frequency in order to provide the programs with the highest quality in sound and image, and the channel officially announced the change of its frequency on its website.

The frequency of the Syrian Lana channel in May 2021

The Syrian Lana Channel broadcasts many programs and various series on its screen, and this is what made it have a huge fan base, and since the first of May the channel began to change its frequency, which led to it being stopped by many individuals, and the channel praised everyone the need to set the new frequency in order to enjoy With the most wonderful drama series and Ramadan programs, which are broadcasted in high quality without interruption or interference.

The channel can be received by:

The satelliteNile Sat

The advantages of the Syrian channel for us

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Lana channel had started broadcasting in 2018, and despite the channel’s newness, it was able to present distinctive programs, and it broadcasts its programs around the clock without any interruption. It is one of the free channels that broadcast its programs for free without any subscription, and the best of what it offers on Its channel is the distinctive Syrian series and the various programs between Islamic, religious, social and other, and due to the increased demand for watching the channel, it launched a channel affiliated with it under the name of Lana Plus, which is affiliated with it, but it is alone by providing many distinctive programs and rare and modern Syrian series.

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