The funeral of the Iraqi Nadia from the Hejaz Mosque in Al-Haram after the noon prayer .. (Update)



The actress, Nadia Al-Iraqi, died this morning, Sunday, after her health condition deteriorated after being infected with the Coronavirus since last April, and with her deterioration, she entered the intensive care room.

The funeral will be held in front of Jannah Hospital to the family cemetery on the Oasis Road and the funeral prayer will be held at the Al-Hijaz Mosque in Al-Haram, after the noon prayer.

Her daughter wrote on Facebook: “The funeral prayer was offered to my late mother in the Al-Hijaz Mosque in Al-Haram after the noon prayer.”

Mai posts her daughter
Mai posts her daughter

Nadia Al-Iraqi blogs
The funeral prayer from the Hejaz Mosque

May Mahrous, the daughter of Iraqi actress Nadia, announced the death of her mother, as she wrote in a blog post on her Facebook account, “Mama has moved to the mercy of God Almighty … Please pray for her and read Al-Fatiha for her good spirit … We belong to God and to Him we shall return.” Adham Mahrous, son of the able artist Faten Fathy, famous for the Iraqi artist Nadia, received condolences from his friends for the death of his mother through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”.


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