The hero has arrived .. Nisreen Tafesh swept our lords with my sweetest dance


Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Singer Sandy participated in her audience with a video of the artist Nisreen Tafesh dancing the ringtones of the song “Azik Al-Naharda”, which she recently released on YouTube. On the tunes of her song, which was performed by “Nisreen”.

Sandy raised controversy during the past days after she removed all the pictures from her Instagram page, which made some speculate about her retirement from singing and others speculated that the account was stolen, but it seems that it was part of the propaganda.

And Sandy’s most recent work was the album “Two in One” and included 8 songs with which she collaborated with a large number of music makers. They are: “Khashaba Theater” from the words of Osama Mahrez, composed by Muhammad Yahya and distributed by Amadeo, and “Remot Your Life” from the words of Osama Mehrez, and composed by Muhammad Yahya. , Diesel distribution, and “a heroine in a novel” from the words of Osama Mehrez, composed by Alaa Al-Rawi, arranged by Hani Rabie, and “Kan Normal” from the words of Jamal Al-Khouli, composed by Sherif Ismail, and arranged by Hani Rabie.

“Print Al-Sheta” from the words of Salma Rasheed, composed by Haitham Nabil, the distribution of Mo Al-Shaer, “The Black Bag” from the words of Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim, composed by Ahmad Brazili, and the distribution of Ahmed Abdel-Salam, and “The Men Die in the War” from the words and composed by Sandy, and the distribution of Hani Yaqoub And “Two in One”, the words of Ahmad al-Maliki, composed by Muhammad Khalaf, and distributed by Hani Rabi`.

Saad Mahmoud

Saad Mahmoud

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