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Yesterday, I spoke about the correct, effective and different Egyptian move towards Libya in the recent period, especially the visit of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, along with a large ministerial delegation of 11 ministers, to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on April 20, and focused on the aspect related to bilateral relations between the two countries.
Today, I focus on the necessity of an organized Egyptian and Arab effort, as much as possible, to restore Libya to its Arab surroundings, and not leave it prey to other powers, so that we do not fall into the fatal mistake we committed with Iraq two decades ago.
When America and Britain invaded Iraq in March 2003, they set up puppet governments and adopted murderous policies for which we are still paying the price. At that time, most of the Arab governments decided not to cooperate with Iraq, so that the matter would not be understood, as if it were recognition of the occupation and cooperation with it, and the achievement of its objectives.
The irony at the time is that the one who cooperated with these puppet governments that came on the tanks of the occupation was Iran, even though they used to describe the United States as “the Great Satan” and Israel as “the Little Satan.”
The reason is that the Iranian regime is very skilled in pragmatic calculations, and had invested well in raising and forming a class of Iraqi politicians, most of whom worked with the US and British intelligence, but their hearts were with Iran.
The Arabs left Iraq prey to the American occupation and hegemony, despite the fact that Arab governments contributed, colluded or remained silent on the US occupation.
The actual result is that America and Britain, along with many Arab governments, delivered Iraq on a plate of gold, silver and diamonds to Iran, which had the first word in politics, economics and security in this great Arab country, and the militias formed by the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian Quds Force in Iraq became the de facto control over The Iraqi street, but many times challenge the presidency of the Iraqi government.
The Arabs could not have left Iraq a prey for Iran and America, and try to reconcile between rejecting the occupation and preventing Iraq from falling into the trap of Iranian hegemony, which is getting tangled and complicated every day.
For objectivity, there are remarkable Arab movements in the recent period. To restore Iraq to its Arab identity, and we see Egyptian, Saudi, Jordanian and Emirati efforts in this regard, especially the Egyptian, Jordanian, and Iraqi tripartite coordination. We hope that these efforts will succeed, and Iraq will return to its active role as the eastern gateway to the Arab world.
This important Iraqi lesson should be given to all Arab countries, especially those surrounding and close to Libya, so that we do not see it slipping into the poisoned embrace of Turkey.
In recent years, without going into details, Libya was almost lost in its Arab surroundings.
The regime of Muammar Gaddafi was acting outside human logic, and had it not been for its reckless and contradictory policies, NATO and Arab countries would unfortunately not have been able to destroy Libya in the winter of 2011.
Once again, the Arabs withdrew and left it as an arena for all Western intelligence services, extremist organizations, and sectarian and regional militias, then Turkey intervened and sent its forces, mercenaries, militias, weapons and equipment, and tried to seize the Libyan economy, and signed agreements with the former militia government headed by Fayez al-Sarraj in all fields, and the matter reached Turkish leaders To talk about Libya as a “ancestral heritage” or part of Turkey!
Praise be to God that things have changed, for many reasons, including the red line announced by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi regarding Libya, and the pressures of the international community, who are tired, exhausted and tired of the continuation of this crisis that affects security and stability in the Mediterranean, with its banks to the north and south.
It may not be all the problems that have been solved, especially the continued presence of foreign forces and the dismantling of the militias, which are essential conditions for the stability of the situation in Libya, but it is important that we and the rest of the Arab brothers Libya unite and stabilize, and not commit the same mistake of 2003 with Iraq, but rather restore Libya to The Arab embrace is far from the greedy ones, and they are many, and that the Arab countries, especially those surrounding Libya, contribute to its reconstruction process, and not leave this Arab country as a hotbed for American, European and Turkish companies. They destroy it first and then get the cake of its reconstruction again !!.

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