The Jerusalem Brigades fire missiles at Tel Aviv … and Israel is intensifying its raids on Gaza


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The Al-Quds Brigades, the armed arm of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, announced that rockets were fired towards the city of Tel Aviv in central Israel.

Al-Saraya said in a statement that it fired several missiles at Tel Aviv, and a number of missiles and a Badr 3 missile at Ashkelon.

The Israeli Channel 13 said that a barrage of rockets had fallen towards Ashkelon, while there was no Israeli information about targeting Tel Aviv.

The Israeli army announced that it had detected 7 rockets and intercepted one of them, while the rest landed in open areas.

The Israeli army announced, on Monday evening, the start of attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip, and Israeli television stations reported that the Israeli army said that the operation may last for several days.

The Israeli aircraft launched several other separate raids in the center and south of the Strip, without details of their nature so far.

The Israeli army’s move began after a session of the “cabinet” of security and political affairs headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli media said that the “cabinet” gave the green light for the Israeli army to carry out strong attacks in the Gaza Strip.

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