The king of Kora attached for the first time to the mold of the Ramez program, his mind flew


The young artist, Malik Qura, revealed the truth about her knowledge of Ramez Jalal’s plot of the program.Ramez blew his mindShe was the one who was victimized last Saturday night, and the episode received great viewing rates.

King Qura did not know that he was prank and went to participate in the Riyadh entertainment season

In an audio recording of her with one of the programs, Malik Kora confirmed that she never expected it to be a prank, and that she had received an invitation to participate in the Riyadh entertainment season and was very happy with her, and she did not know that this program is specific to Ramez Jalal.

She commented on the reactions she got after the episode, saying that she was very happy with what she saw from the comments on the episode, saying, “The audience compensated me for the foolishness that he made on Ramez, and many people followed me by telling me Ramez did what Vicky did like that and how I hid him, and I felt that people love me.”

She added that she never expected Ramez to host her on his show because he knew her from her childhood, when her sister Maryam participated with him in the movie “Ghawi Hob” starring singer Mohamed Fouad, and she used to go during filming in the amusement park, knowing that she is calm and very afraid of many Of games.

It is also worth noting that the program “Ramez Aklah Flew” is shown on a daily basis throughout the holy month of Ramadan at exactly 6:30 pm Cairo time on MBC Egypt, and it gets high viewing rates.


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