The latest developments in the situation of the injured Al-Ahly before the summit … and a reasonable position vis-a-vis the Sun Downs confrontation


The list of injured people in Al-Ahly represents one of the most prominent crises facing the red genie the current period, especially in light of the pressure of the matches for the team. Al-Ahly suffers from the absence of a large number of its injured players during the current period, which made the technical staff use some emerging faces or from the bench to compensate for these absences.

The list of injured people in Al-Ahly includes: Ali Maaloul, Badr Bannon, Ayman Ashraf, Hamdy Fathy and Saad Samir, along with the injured for some time, most notably Muhammad Mahmoud.

Regarding the position of Ali Maaloul, who suffers from a torn back muscle, he is scheduled to return to the team’s group training next week after the completion of his qualifying program that he is currently performing and is about to end.

Maaloul will be highly prepared to face the South African Sun Downs in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, scheduled for May 14 or 15 in the first leg in Cairo.

As for Badr Bannon and Ayman Ashraf, they are close to returning to the team’s collective training and will be included in the red list for the Al-Ittihad Alexandria match next Thursday in the league or the Zamalek match at the latest.

Ayman Ashraf suffers from a rough knee, while Bannon suffers from general muscle fatigue that requires rest for the last period.

Regarding Saad Samir, he complained of slight pain in the connective system during the last game in El Gouna in the league, and he will return after the Al Ittihad match of Alexandria at the latest.

Regarding Hamdi Fathi’s position, yesterday, Sunday, he began participating in the team’s training, wearing a “splint” to preserve himself after the surgery he had performed a few weeks ago in the “elbow”.

As for Mahmoud Metwally and Karim Nedved, they recovered from the injury and participated in the team’s past training, the first returning from cruciate surgery and the latter returning from several knee surgeries.

As for Mohamed Mahmoud, he also came close to participating in the team’s training during mid-May.

Al-Ahly’s list for the match spinning El Mahalla tonight in the league saw Mahmoud Wahid return after several weeks of absence from injury.


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